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    We are a family with Thai and Swiss roots and considerable travel experience.

    We bring our knowledge and experience into the company and know the desires of tourists.

    We aim for an above average service.

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    Sanook Travel
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    We are also represented locally in Thailand:

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  • Sanook Travel General Contract and Travel Conditions (GC&TC)  Version November 2012

    Dear Guest

    We are very pleased that you are interest in our travel packages and we welcome you to the exclusive circle of sanook.travel guests.
    We at sanook.travel chose our deals very carefully to ensure that you will enjoy a delightful, carefree holiday.
    Please read the following information and conditions carefully so that you will know exactly what you can expect from us. This information and conditions regulates the contractual relationship between us, which your reservation recognizes.
    On our website www.sanook.travel we offer a number of packages. These GC&TC do not apply to transportation services (air tickets, ship passages, bus companies, etc.) since these are covered by the liability limitations and conditions of each of the transporting companies (airlines etc.).

    1. Contract
    1.1 The present terms, conditions and notes are essential parts of the contract. We undertake to organize your trip from start to finish according to the information and descriptions on our website, providing you with the agreed accommodation and all other services offered in your chosen travel package. Our services start at the airport in Thailand. Arriving there in good time is your responsibility.

    2. Registration

    2.1 A booking is made directly through the website sanook.travel by entering the required data on the online booking form. Questions can be asked on the booking form, or by telephoning to our call center: Tel. No. 082023121.

    2.2 Reservations can be made on the website in English or Thai. A booking can only be made by persons 18 years or older. A person who makes a booking for himself or a third party becomes the principal contractor and in the absence of any other explanation assumes the obligations under the award of the contract.

    2.3 Before completion of the booking the GC&TC are displayed for your information, and form part of the contract for a confirmed booking.

    2.4 After booking you will receive an email confirmation with the GC&TC.

    2.5 By paying the deposit (paragraph 4.3) you accept the GC&TC.

    3. Services

    3.1 The scope of the contractual arrangement is defined by the service description of the travel packages on the website www.sanook.travel, and the information in our travel confirmation email. The information contained therein shall be binding on us. However, we reserve the right to modify a package due for example to a change of dates prior to a booking confirmation. You will be informed of any package changes when booking.

    4. Prices and payment

    4.1 Prices for the travel packages are shown on the website. The prices are per person for accommodation in a double room charged in Thai baht, unless stated otherwise in the tender. Package prices are based on cash or by invoice.

    4.2 In exceptional cases, it is possible that after the publication of travel prices an unavoidable increase may be necessary (for example due to fuel surcharges, higher government levies or taxes, etc.). You would be notified immediately via email if this should happen.

    4.3 To confirm a booking a deposit of 30% of the tour package price per person is payable. As soon as we receive the deposit payment we will send an email to you to confirm the booking. If the deposit arrives too late such that transport or accommodation vacancies are no longer available we will with your consent try to arrange an alternative package. In the event of a cancellation we reserve the right to make a cancellation charge not exceeding 2’000 baht per person or 4’000 baht per order.

    4.4 The final 70% payment is due not later than 30 days prior to your travel start date. You will receive an e-mail in good time to request the payment. If the final payment is late we may depending on the circumstances have to cancel the package in which case charges outlined in paragraph 7.1 et seq. would apply.

    4.5 For packages booked less than 40 days before departure the full amount must be paid upon booking.

    5. Travel documents

    5.1 After making the full payment all the travel documents will be sent to you by e-mail, and will include electronic flight tickets.

    5.2 We strongly recommend that you check your travel documents straightaway upon receipt to verify their correctness. In the event of any discrepancies between the booked and confirmed travel services we must be notified immediately by e-mail.

    6. Travel changes

    6.1 If you cancel the trip, or wish to make a change to an already booked travel package you must report this to us immediately by email, and return any already received travel documents. In addition we refer to paragraph 7.1

    6.2 In the event of modification or postponement of your trip a handling fee of 2’000 baht will be charged, plus a per person charge of not more than 4’000 baht to cover telephone, fax, telegram, booking office handling, and any other expense incurred. In addition we refer to paragraph 7.1

    6.3 We recommend you take out travel insurance.

    7. Cancellation

    7.1 If you cancel a trip less than 60 days prior to departure the following cancellation charges apply:

    59-45 days before departure: 30%
    44-30 days before departure: 50%
    29-15 days before departure: 80%
    14-0 days before departure: 100%

    The determining factor for calculating the annulment date is the arrival of your declaration at sanook.travel. For Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the next working day shall prevail.

    8. Airline conditions

    8.1 We draw your attention to the strict conditions of service common to all airlines. For transfers, name changes and cancellations relatively high fees can be charged, which are in addition to our processing fees. For scheduled flights it is not always possible to make subsequent changes. We advise you to bear this in mind.

    8.2 In the case of a cancellation or postponement for which a ticket has been issued, we calculate a handling charge of 2’000 baht per person, maximum of 4’000 baht per order.

    9. Passport, visa, and vaccination requirements

    9.1 On our website www.sanook.travel you can see the latest general information we have regarding passport, visa, and vaccination requirements. These requirements can change at short notice so please check whether any new rules or provisions apply to your trip. You are responsible for compliance with the passport, visa and vaccination requirements and for carrying the necessary documents. Any costs resulting from non-compliance will be at your own expense.

    10. Entry regulations

    10.1 On our website sanook.travel you can see the latest general information we have regarding entry regulations. These requirements can change at short notice so please check whether any new rules apply to your trip. Check the advice of your own interest. You are responsible for complying with the entrance, health and currency regulations and for carrying the necessary documents. In case of a possible refusal of entry the return travel costs would be your responsibility.

    11. No-Show for one way or round trips flights

    11.1 For no show or late arrival at the starting airport passengers will be charged 100% of the package price. Sanook Travel has no financial liability for passengers who miss a flight out, and this applies in particular to cases of flight schedule shifts. However we will of course do our best to advise and assist any stranded passengers but at their expense.

    12. Acts of God or strikes

    12.1 If due to force majeure such as natural disasters, epidemics, unrest, strikes or government action which cause safety concerns or prevents full implementation of a trip sanook.travel is authorized to deduct their costs from your payment, and return the remaining amount to you. Any further claims for compensation are excluded.

    13. Cancellation by Sanook Travel

    13.1 Sanook.travel is authorized to cancel the journey if you give cause entitled to it by actions or failures. In this case sanook.travel repays you the already paid journey price. Cancellations and refunds due to causes outside the control of sanook.travel are listed under paragraphs 7, 8, 12 and 14.

    13.2 Sanook.travel is authorized to cancel the journey for other reasons. If this case should occur, you get so quick as possibly informed. In this case sanook.travel repays you the already paid journey price. Costs of annulation are listed in accordance with paragraphs 8, 12 and 14. Further reaching claims are excluded.

    13.3 Sanook.travel reserves the right not to accept (Wheelchair) and children less than 4 years.

    14. Minimum number of participants

    14.1 To be able to offer you the best possible prices each travel tour requires a minimum number of participants. For this reason sanook.travel may have to cancel a tour about four weeks prior to its commencement due to failure to obtain the minimum number of participants. This minimum number of participants and the latest date of possible cancellation are clearly stated in the travel confirmation email. If a cancellation is necessary for this reason we will refund the already paid amount. Further claims for compensation are excluded.

    15. Liability

    15.1 These GC&TC apply to the services and arrangements organized and offered by sanook.travel.

    15.2 Sanook.travel is for a travel package tour with use aircraft (all the world, excluding U.S. and Canadian), liability insurance is covered by Basler Insurance Company, Policy No. 30/3.986.646-9.

    15.3 Our liability is limited under these liability provisions. The liability of airlines, shipping companies and other transportation companies are based on international agreements and national laws.
    We draw to your attention that some transport companies in different countries may lack a legal basis and only offer minimum insurance coverage for accidents, baggage etc. We encourage you to check your insurance coverage and to take out appropriate travel insurance to cover your luggage, and any travel incident or accident.

    15.4 Sanook.travel will reimburse the loss of any agreed service or extra effort required on your part, to the extent that the travel agent, our agent or our contractor on site was not able to offer you on the spot an equivalent service. The liability is limited to direct damages, and has a maximum of the agreed price.

    15.5 At tour destinations any local event, excursion or other service not included in the tour package may have special risks or require special physical conditions and you can book such items at your own risk. Our local representative may be able to offer suitable deals for additional local services approved by us.

    15.6 Claims arising from the travel contract are to be claimed within one month after the contractual end of the trip. Thereafter, the claims are barred.

    16. Jurisdiction

    16.1 The relationship between you and sanook.travel is covered by international law. Any complaints against sanook.travel can be dealt with by the competent judicial authority in your area.

    Winterthur, Switzerland

  • Thai nationals must have a valid visa to enter Switzerland.

    As from March 1st, 2012, the Regional Consular Centre will assign the tasks of making an appointment and receipt of applications to the company TLScontact * (TELESMART International). As from this date, all visa applications will have to be submitted to the following address:

    TLScontact 12/1, 12th Floor, Sathorn City Tower, 175 South Sathorn Road, Khwaeng Thungmahamek, Khet Sathorn, Bangkok 10120

    On map: View Map

    As a rule appointments must be made with TLScontact using the following Internet address: TLScontact

    The telephone information service of TLScontact is available as follows: Tel. 02 696 38 99, from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (only calls from within Thailand can be accepted).

    Please note that the earliest date at which a visa application can be made is 3 months beforeyour date of departure.

    At First you have to make an appointment via Internet here.

    Basically you need for a short-stay tourist visa the following documents:

    • Visa application form, original Duly filled out, dated and signed by the applicant. Filling out the visa application form is possible on the Forms page.
    • Two passport-sized pictures 3.5 cm x 4 cm Recently made colour pictures, 3,5 - 4 cm in width, neutral light background, head takes up 70-80% of the surface
    • Passport, original Valid at least three months after the end of the planned stay in Switzerland or another Schengen Member State
    • Passport, copy One photocopy of the passport (personal data page and official entries)
    • Proof of sufficient personal funds for the duration of stay in the Schengen countries - around 100 Swiss francs per day Bank statement/s for the last six months; Original booklet + photocopy

    Confirmed reservation of the round-trip flight ticket. Will be sent to you by Sanook Travel.

    • Confirmed hotel reservation/s for the entire duration of stay in Switzerland. Will be sent to you by Sanook Travel.
    • Insurance of the applicant: travel and health insurance valid for the whole Schengen Territory. Is included and will be sent to you by Sanook Travel.

    Under the following link from TLScontact you can find more information about the Application Process.

    We look forward to welcoming you, and assisting you to enjoy a safe and pleasant visit to Switzerland

    Your Sanook Travel

  • Weather and Climate

    Switzerland has a mild climate with moderate temperatures and humidity.

    The weather conditions are very changeable for a country in the center of Europe. Such changes are seasonal in addition to large variations caused by changes in altitude.

    In the highlands north of the Alps where the majority of the population live it is warm in Summer, while Winters are dry, cold and often foggy.

    Daytime temperatures in mid-Summer (July to August) are around 18 to 28° C

    In Winter (December to February) daytime temperature are around -2 to 7° C

    In Spring and Autumn daytime temperature vary from about 8 to 15° C depending on the altitude.

    A sweater, good walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, an umbrella or light raincoat in the luggage is recommended. Please note that especially for the high alpine mountains warm clothes should be carried.

    Switzerland is divided into two regions climatically. Thus one finds north of the Alps, a temperate climate typical for Central Europe, while south of the mountains the climate is Mediterranean. However there are regional differences even within a climate zone due to the altitude of the place.

    Generally one can say that in the area of the Jura, the Plateau and the Alps the weather is similar while in southern Switzerland it may be completely different. The rainfall varies from region to region. In the center, in the Alps and the Ticino the average rainfall is about 2000 millimeters, but Valais has only about 550 millimeters per year and is the driest place in Switzerland.

    Overall, it can be concluded that the amount of rain in Summer is about twice as high as in Winter. Especially in the Alps and in the foothills the precipitation falls mostly as snow in Winter, so there is often snow for months.

    Temperatures in the west of the country are slightly higher compared to those in the east. The temperature reached depends on the altitude for each location. The warmest month is July. The warmest area is Locarno-Monti, and the coldest is on the Jungfraujoch.

    In the Central Plateau all seasons except Summer are fog bound, and this can happen for several weeks. In the Jura and in the area around Basel however fog is very rare. Switzerland has mainly mild dry air but the prevailing winds bring cold air with it.